Culinary region 2018 - PÄRNUMAA

Pärnu County has been chosen by the Ministry of Rural Affairs as the region of promoting Estonian food in 2018.

Holding the title of the region of promoting food helps to introduce the local food and food culture. This year, the emphasis is on the food culture of Pärnu County. Together we can expand the notoriety of the local food manufacturers and providers and attract more visitors to the area by organising different food-related events. Plenty of food-related events take place throughout the year in the city of Pärnu as well as Pärnu County that offer a lot to discover for the visitors.

Food has been a priority issue for years in the development of the Pärnu County area that can be seen in the abundance of food-related events in the area that fill the whole year. There are many fine activists in the area, who actively grow and introduce the local raw materials. For example, the events of the Romantic Coastline have brought plenty of renown to Pärnu County for years, the one with the longest traditions is the Tahkuranna Cucumber Festival. The area of the Soomaa National Park is known for its fifth season as well as a nice spring event of one-day cafés where they make two coffee rounds around Soomaa. New events are also being added because of the food year.
The events of the region of promoting food begin already in spring. In summer, the event calendar is filled with exciting activities and there are also new and exciting events coming up in autumn. In September, Maria Farm hosts the Pärnu County Harvest Festival where drinks produced in Pärnu County accompany the foods that are prepared locally. Due to the centennial jubilee of Estonia, we are pursuing the objective of offering at least 100 different local drinks during the Harvest Festival.

Check out the events of the Tastes of Pärnu County and be a part of the taste sensations throughout the different seasons. Come visit us!