Culinary region 2016 - HIIUMAA

Local food and local cooking traditions have always been one of the most important symbols for a country or a region. It is a symbol that gives us chance to get an insight into the local way of life through food when travelling. Food, as part of the local culture, can even be one of the main reasons for travelling somewhere.

Estonian cooking traditions, good quality produce and dedicated chefs create a distinctively delicious tasting experience.

To celebrate different Estonian cooking traditions and cultures, the Ministry of Rural Affairs has started a new tradition – each year one region of Estonia is chosen and introduced through various events for the whole year.

The first culinary region selected in 2016 is Hiiumaa.

The enterprises associated with the Estonian Culinary Route in Hiiumaa will give their best to make sure that local tastes can be experienced anywhere – at farmhouses, cafes, restaurants and cultural events.

Photos from the Year of Hiiumaa Tastes award ceremony and opening of the Estonian Culinary Route on Hiiumaa, in Kärdla on 1 May 2016.