My Culinary Route

The Culinary Route consists of the starting point, many cool eateries along the way and the destination.
Put together a suitable route yourself!

1. Set the starting point
To be able to use the map first of all you should set the starting point for your journey. In order to get an accurate route, it is important to set the exact starting point address. Click OK to confirm the starting point.

2. Add suitable eateries on the map
To design the Culinary Route according to your wishes, select caterers on the map by clicking on “Like! Add to my Culinary Route”. You can learn more about acaterer by clicking on the respective name.
The yellow circle on the Culinary Route menu bar shows how many caterers you have added to your Culinary Route. This allows you to track the number of places you plan to visit.

3. Set the destination
While making your Culinary Route map it is important to set the destination. Click OK to confirm the destination.

4. Study the route and the length of your journey on the map
When the starting point and the destination are set and eateries are selected, you will see the map with places you plan to visit marked. You may add eateries to the map or remove them from the map. If you wish to remove an eatery from the map, click on the button “Remove from my Culinary Route” next to the eatery.
In the bottom of the generated card you will see the total length of your route.

5. Save your Culinary Route
After you click “Save” the route with directions will open in the new window. We call it “My Culinary Route” driving directions – here you will see details of your journey, including any waypoints.
You may share the route link with your friends, print it out or save it in a PDF file.

My Culinary Route

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