Lõosilma Farm

Lõosilma talu

Chemical-free horticultural products that become preserves and reach the buyer by means of a short supply chain.

Cooking and making preserves was an extremely important part of life in household where Lea, the farm owner, spent her childhood: her mother was an excellent cook and would always manage to cook very good and healthy food. She also knew where to pick the best berries and mushrooms and would preserve them to make the family’s life better. The farm had a vegetable garden, a large potato field and a barn with a cow, a pig and chickens.
It is the mother’ good example that set the bar for the current farm owners work on the farm.

In 2015, Lea’s ‘Mock kiwi jam’ got the people’s award for the 2nd place in the jams category during the Olustvere XI preserves fair. S far as jams and pickles are concerned, it is very important that visitors can taste them, so the farm landlady especially values the moments when she has an opportunity to tell guests about a product.

There is no place for chemicals on the farm, and all the produce is organically grown.

As the farm’s production volumes are small, so is the market where it sells its products; namely, the outdoor stalls of Pärnu County producer-to-consumer network OTT. It is an opportunity to buy goods with the shortest supply chain, place an advance order or come to the seller’s location to see the manufacturing process, if needed.

The farm also offers what it grows and processes to its group of loyal buyers.
Look for jars with a ‘Päikesega Purki’ label, which means that the production is powered by solar energy.

If you come to see the farm on the Open Farms Day, you will also be able to see its ornamental garden.

Have a sunny day!