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Estonian Culinary Route

Estonian cuisine made with love

Welcome to the Estonian Culinary Route!

Even though the eateries tied to Estonian cuisine and Estonian culinary culture can be anything from a small farmhouse to an acclaimed fancy restaurant, and the food anything between simple rustic cooking or inspired by the Middle Ages, the Baltic Germans or the Soviet times or even a completely modern take on the traditional Estonian cuisine, it is still all connected by the same values.

  • The four clearly distinguished seasons, also represented in our cooking;
  • Different culinary regions, each and every one with its’ own characteristics;
  • Nordic climate, forests rich in game, berries and mushrooms, rivers and lakes full of fish, fertile fields and species-rich grasslands;
  • Very high quality food and produce grown by smart farmers and cooked by knowledgeable chefs, who recognize the importance of local food, supported by conscious consumers, who insist on their food being top quality.

We wish you enjoyable experiences on the Estonian Culinary Route!

Discover Estonian cuisine:


Caterers treat you all year round, seasonally or with prior reservation.


Tastings offer an opportunity to discover new tastes and experience a myriad of cool emotions while listening to local stories.

Food Workshops

Food workshops provide an opportunity to partake in exciting activities and discover new cooking tips.

Farm Shops

Farm shops allow buying local farm produce.

Small Producers

Small producers introduce their businesses; most offer both tasting and purchase options. Some small producers have their own cafés.

Breweries, Wineries and Cider Farms

Breweries, wineries and cider farms offer beer, wine and cider connoisseurs handcrafted drinks. Tasting and purchase options are available.

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Estonian Culinary Route common value: Fresh, delicious food made on site from local produce

Estonian Culinary Route slogan: Estonian cuisine made with love

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