Koplimäe Farmshop-Café

Koplimäe Talupood-Kohvik

An organic farm located in the midst of pure Saaremaa nature, where you can sample traditional foods, buy local products or take part in baking workshops, and have a nice meal.

• the farm shop is open all year round
the café is open all year round but must be booked in advance

In the midst of pure Saaremaa nature, there is an organic farm open to visitors, which invites them on a tour explaining the lifecycle of grain from the field to your table. You can see what buckwheat and spelt look like as well as watch grain becoming flour in the buhrstone mill.

In the farmshop-café, you can taste farm products and buy them to go, including different types of flour and a variety of baked goods as well as cakes, pastries, pies and cookies with seasonal ingredients.

Baking workshops for children and adults can be booked in advance.
Catering for groups up to 24 people is also available for advance booking.

Koplimäe fields are bordered by junipers and are located far from large roadways. Grain is best stored in its natural hull, and this is why it is always processed in small batches against orders so that we can ensure the highest attainable quality.

Buckwheat, which has remarkable health properties, is hulled gently in order to preserve the vitality and value of the seed case. It is not only buckwheat grain (in the form of groats, flour or middlings) that is useful, but also its young plants, leaves and blossoms. Buckwheat is suitable for a variety of dishes and baked goods as well.

Spelt is one of the oldest cultivated plants and has much higher value than any other modern grain as far as its content is concerned. According to old beliefs, spelt was considered to be the “grain of happiness” and was said to help in case of depression in addition to its other health-enhancing properties. The body tolerates spelt better that wheat because it is easier to digest.

All types of flour produced on Koplimäe farm are certified organic, cold stone milled and do not contain any additives. The Koplimäe buhrstone mill is a modern version of the traditional buhrstone mill, where grains are ground between millstone, and their contact with metal is minimized. Cold milling means that the temperature of flour never rises above 35 degrees in the process of grinding, which helps decrease the loss vitamins and nutrients in the course of milling, so that the potent properties of the grain are preserved in our products.

Clean and wholesome grain only goes through the mill once. The ground grain coming directly from the mill becomes 100% whole grain flour, and what is separated by the sieving machine becomes sifted flour, semolina and bran. In the process of sifting, useful fine parts of the germ, nutrients, minerals and fiber stay in sifted flour; this is why it is off-white and not entirely white.

We hope you will have pleasant, fascinating and delicious experiences on our organic farm!